Sunday, March 28, 2010

a toolbar(from a shortcut icon) with a very cool effects!(use the "fan" effect)

Pick a folder as your desktop(icons arrangement is save on every desktop) - the best software I've been looking for years. unlike virtual desktop, instead of adding new taskbar to organize windows, this one only changes folder location of your desktop(only works for vista and untested on win7)

Photoshop tutorials that is very inspiring!(check the other tutorials too)

An amazing light painting(ideas)

A great opensource multiple downloader for youtube/rapidshare/etc..

Idea of thumbtack(ideas)

Movie Maker - updates and effects(the effects are free and good!)

very useful application for students or teachers

antivirus for detecting sality type virus (or the likes) made by indonesians

antivirus for removing conficker < the study

vaccinate your USB drive(by injecting an undeletable autorun.inf) < download directly

WIMP - autorun.inf auto remover for careless USB drive inserter persons (original site is abandoned, just get my copy)

alternatively, use this ahk apps

check your computer's processes - your best friend besides task manager

startup organizer(incredibly just 34kb) - just delete some startup items to speedup the loading of your windows and there's a recycle bin just in case of accident!(also check his other applications aswell)

replacement for windows explorer(why use this? so you won't get your PC hang since windows explorer has so many dependencies)

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