Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Preventing Worms/Viruses

When inserting a USB or storage media, never double-click a storage icon on My Computer regardless if it is a USB Drive, Mobile Phone, Mp4 Player, PSP, Digital Camera.. etc. Any storage media should be accessed via "tree menu" on the left of your explorer windows

Never double-click a folder, access via "tree menu" on the left of your explorer windows. There are known types of virus with identical folder icon. e.g: "New Folder.exe"

Always check the "Recycler" folder of each drive. It should only contain 1 folder that is not erasable. delete the duplicates.

go to "run" and type "%temp%" enter. ctrl+a and hit delete key, skip the undelete-able.

When downloading applications from warez site, always check if it is infected using any online scanners.(might comes in false positives due to hack/crack)

When something pops up your browser that your not aware of, hit "esc" key or if the pop up is insisting, go to task manager - Processes - End Process your Internet Browser

Never use Internet Explorer 6 and below.

If you encounters a Sality and Bootkits variants, you could have prevented it when you followed these simple Do's and Dont's.

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