Saturday, August 4, 2007

Hide your files under the JPEG


* Windows OS
* Winrar
* to_show.jpg
* to_insert.jpg
* important.any

1. Put them all in 1 folder.
2. Add/compress the files(i.e. important.any) inside the collection.rar (not the JPGs)
3. Open the command prompt and go to that directory. (run:"cmd")
4. Type in dos "copy /b to_insert.jpg + collection.rar + to_show.jpg" (without quotes)
5. Notice the "to_insert.jpg" file size is almost identical to the collection.rar. Try to open it.
6. Now try opening it using winrar.(shift+right_click and "open with")

try uploading it to some free JPEG hosting server and download it again. You can still open it using winrar. (doesn't work on friendster or other site that modifies the picture format) You can now host your file for free ha ha! (don't abuse).

note: this is not limited to winrar and you can just rename the file extension to view it.

sample download: (check/download charles bronson's pix)

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